There is nothing quite luxurious as lingerie or even sleepwear for that matter. Whether it’s a pair of silky pajamas or a little lacy negligee, you can be sure to feel comfortable and glamourous all at once! Wearing underwear as outerwear has never been hotter, with runways worldwide celebrating this normally hidden garment. Showing off your underpinnings can seem quite daunting at first, but done right you can achieve that enviable balance between sensuality and sophistication.


Slip dresses

If you are not quite ready to walk around with an exposed bra quite, then start off with your slip dress. The key to mastering this trend is through layers; your slip dress looks just as good with items layered underneath as it does when worn under jackets. Wearing a white t-shirt under your silk slip dress is an incredibly chic way to reincarnate 90s fashion, and it will win you major style points.



Odds are that 9-year-old you tried to get away with wearing your pajamas to school, well now you can do it, and get away with it looking fabulous. When it comes to stepping out the door with your pajamas on, it’s all about finding the right balance. You want to look effortless, but not like you just climbed out of bed. Get the vibe right by adding some structure into the mix with a statement bag and some killer heels. Darker colored pajamas are also much easier to style, as they don’t scream “pajamas” as much as a pastel or a light colour would. There is also no need to wear a full pajama set; try a pajama shirt with a pair of jeans or a blazer and tee with pajama pants.



Your negligee does not just have to be for bedtime only, it works for nights out on the town too. Swap your slippers for a pair of trendy ankle boots and leather leggings, combined with a choker and your favorite black leather jacket for a sensual and stylish evening look.



This minimal separate was once reserved for the bedroom, but it is fast making its way to the streets. The cami is a versatile and essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. The thin straps and simple design make it a basic piece with a lot of potential. Uplift an oversized sweater or an elegant blazer with a classy camisole. Alternatively create a more off-duty impact by pairing your cami with distressed denim and a to-die-for bag. Whatever the combo, the camisole offers a certain sensual vibe to any look.


Peek a bra

No longer a wardrobe malfunction, it’s now acceptable – elegant even – to flaunt your bra. Don’t show your entire bra if you don’t feel comfortable. A lacy bra peeking out from under an oversized blazer is subtly sensual. Combine it with a pair of skinny jeans and tall boots or shorts and thigh-high socks for a chic finish. Wear a bold coloured bra with scalloped edges beneath a high-necked, semi-sheer top in a contrasting colour to achieve an ultimate “underwear as outerwear” look.


The Body Suit

You can’t beat the smooth chic look of a bodysuit. It is one of the most versatile lingerie pieces you’ll ever purchase, and can be combined with just about anything in your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading to the office, lunch with the family or a night out with the girls, the bodysuit is the perfect piece for all occasions. Pair a plunge balcony bodysuit with a pant suit, blazer and bold lipstick to achieve a sleek and stylish office look. For a more casual approach, match your bodysuit with a pair of high-waisted denims, a cute bag and your trusty sneakers. Easily take this look from day to night by swapping out your kicks for a pair of cult-worthy heels and a statement neckless.


Now with all this information in hand you should be fully equipped to start wearing your “underwear as outerwear”. You will notice that when you start thinking about your underwear like any other piece in your wardrobe, you have so many more options to choose from. Remember to keep it interesting, layer it up and above all keep it classy.