Tips and Tricks to a Better Fit

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Do not abide uncomfortable lingerie

Uncomfortable lingerie has no place in your drawer. There’s something wrong if the first thing you want to do when you get home is to take off your bra. Uncomfortable lingerie will end up at the bottom of the drawer for good – and I think we can all agree that’s just a waste of money.

Quality over quantity, always

Be selective with your lingerie, a variety  of well-chosen bra’s and briefs that fit your body type and style will give you the confidence and comfort you require to be the best you possible.

Red is the colour!

White bras and briefs under lighter clothing tend to shine through and could cause some inconvenience.  To avoid this, go for a skintone colour and remember that red is often the best as it will not be visible. Red is adventurous and exotic. Match the colour of your lingerie with your mood!

Take care of your lingerie

The golden rule is: take good care of it. If you wear padded bras, be sure not to click the cups into each other when you put them away in the drawer, as this can damage the material. Store them flat, one on top of the other if you need to. You should also take care to closely follow the washing instructions. Washing by hand is always recommended. Never put your lingerie in the tumble drier.

Sort  your lingerie drawer

Throw away worn-out lingerie. Look at what you have and add what you need. That will ensure you always know what you have, so you won’t spend money on the wrong things. You should also bear in mind that you can combine different styles. Some T-shirt bras have straps you can wear in various ways, which will allow you to wear them with various outfits.

Lingerie is a form of self-expression

Lingerie is more than just a bedroom accessory, if your significant other isn’t into lingerie, that’s okay. We as women are multi-dimensional, lingerie lets us express the different facets of ourselves that we sometimes can’t project to the outside world. Wear it for you!

So many people think lingerie is only bras and garter belts, but it also includes robes and chemises, as well as slips and loungewear. The whole point of lingerie is to make you feel good. The layer closest to your skin should always make you feel comfortable and confident all day long.