When it comes to shopping for swimwear, most of us tend to be creatures of habit: You find a fit or a style or even a brand that you love, and, more often than not, you’ll find yourself sticking with it for many, many summers. So If you’re wearing the same two-piece you’ve had since that family beach trip 10 years ago, you might want to consider an upgrade. And whether there’s an upcoming getaway on your calendar or you’re just looking for some quality lounge chair time, the approaching warm weather months are reason enough to give those costumes a refresh. Below we have compiled a list of this year’s hottest trends, giving you the latest in swimwear silhouettes, patterns, colours and styles in order to ensure that you are looking nothing short of incredibly chic while relaxing at the beach or just lounging around the pool this summer.


Sporty reinvented

Sporty swimwear is a trend you’re probably already familiar with. What’s new this year is an innovative use of color-blocking, whether it’s using one shade for the waist up and another for the waist down, incorporating contrast straps, or making use of a reversible weave design to bring two different hues together. No matter the road you take, there are plenty of fresh ways to try out the athletic look this season.



This summer we are seeing more brands embrace minimalism while sticking to a simple color palette, playing around with different silhouettes and simple prints. Black-and-white doesn’t have to mean dull and boring, especially when it comes to swimwear. Look out for  black-and-white inventive styles with details like alternative necklines, double straps, contrast trims, or ribbed textures.



There is nothing quite like a summer fling…
Add passion to your summer with this season romantic swimwear trend. It is all about shades of pink, red, and purple with subtle, feminine details such as frills, ruffles, fine buttons, ribbed textures, shirring, and keyhole cutouts.


Bold Tropical

The foundation of this trend is the popular palm print, which tends to make a comeback year after year, but this time around it’s been taken to the next level thanks to off-the-shoulder silhouettes and extra-bright coloring. Escape to paradise this summer in a bright and bold equatorial printed swimsuit.


Polka Dots

So if you’re the kind of woman that associates polka dots with Minnie Mouse specks or 1950s-esque circle skirt dresses, it’s time to think again. The trend that flourishes with each passing year is now in swimsuit form, a classic print that’s made its way onto so many street style outfits, so why not swimsuits too. In a variety of different colours and styles, polka dots are forever stylish and always flattering for the figure. Classy polka dots paired with pastel hues are a must-have this summer.


High-Cut Bottoms

While we’re still seeing the prominence of bottom-bearing swimsuits everywhere, this season’s cuts are taking a more retro turn. Channeling the well-recognized red Baywatch suit and workout gear from the ’80s, the high-cut bottom hikes things way up to your hips to bare it all. High-cut swimsuits are making a definitive comeback in nearly every cut.  Of course, there are varying degrees of how high-cut you’re willing to go, but with both one and two-piece options, there’s one out there for everyone. If plunging necklines or string-bikinis aren’t quite your thing, this may be the perfect new way to show that sensual bit of skin all season long.


One-Shoulder Strap

One-shoulder swimsuits are hardly new as a concept, though as with everything that continuously emerges as a trend, the concept has been awarded a fresh new take. Summer 2018’s swim line-up is rife with one strap monokinis, ruffled single shoulder bikinis, and every silhouette style in between. On a practical note, a one strapped swimsuit also doubles as a compromise for support, proving a way more interesting alternative to the one-piece swimsuit.


Belted Mid-Sections

Belted swimwear is officially a thing, by drawing attention to the waits this trend allows for you to accentuate those beautiful curves with the likes of an unexpected add on. Whether it’s a thick, contrast belt around the waist or strapped onto a bikini bottom, get ready to feel a little more dressed up. It definitely makes throwing together a chic and stylish swim look that much easier., the added accessory draws attention to the waist.


Front-tie Tops

Elevate your swimwear collection with options that feature the front-tie trend. The simple knot or bow at the front adds a sleek and unexpected twist to even the simplest of costumes. While the trend has usually been seen in bikinis in the past it is now being used on monokinis as well. Look fun and flirty in a front-tie swimsuit this summer.


This year’s swimwear trends cover just about every possible aspect and personality type that could want to make a debut. Swimwear is a notoriously personal item capable of showing off much more than just skin. Personality is always evident in a person’s choice of bathing suit, so choose a style that shows off your unique identity, allowing you to feel nothing short of extraordinarily bold and beautiful.