Gettting into shape and leading a healthy life is high on the priority list for many modern women, with regular exercise often cited as one of the ways they can achieve this goal. Experiencing discomfort whilst engaging in exercise can very easily side-track you from reaching your fitness goals.


Your breasts are composed of fatty tissue and supported by skin and fragile ligaments called the Coopers’ ligaments. The Coopers’ ligaments connect the breast tissue to the lower layer of skin of the breast. They play a role in supporting the breast in its normal position and maintaining its normal shape. They are thin bands interwoven into the breast and are not very strong.


Exercise requires movement that will set your breasts in motion – motion that breasts are not naturally designed to resist. As a breast does not contain muscle and is not attached to muscles, they are highly susceptible to strain. During high impact sports such as running, the bust moves up and down, sometimes up to about nine centimeters per step! One can only imagine how much strain this would place on the breasts. Beyond the issue of sagging, engaging in rigorus exercise without having well-fitting and supportive sports bra may lead to back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as permanent damage to the Coopers’ ligaments. All these undesired bust movements can be greatly reduced by wearing a well-fitting sports bra.


A well-fitting, structured sports bra is just as important as comfortable running shoes are when working out. A lot of women live with the discomfort and pain associated to poor fitting sports bras as they are unaware of the options that exist in terms of sports bras. This issue is further compounded when it comes to women with larger busts.


Here are some tips to guide you to find the correct sports bra for you:


  1. Get an expert fitting – There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to bras, this applies to sports bras too. Our fitting experts in our stores will help you find the right fit for you and advise on which sports bra would be suitable for your lifestyle activities.


  1. Match the sports bra support with the type of activity you will be doing. We have sports bras made for light, medium and high intensity training. Each of these options will offer you just the right amount of support required.


  1. For big busted women, wear a sports bra with minimal stretch and maximum adjustability to ensure comfort and support. We carry a range of sports bras, with sizes up to a G cup.


  1. Choose your fabric carefully – Comfort is important. Make sure that your sports bra is made from material that is both light-weight and breathable.


  1. Style it up – Pick a fashionable sports bra that fits in with your exercise gear. You can still look your best while sweating it out.

Remember, if you look good you feel good!


Whether you are an avid runner, a yoga enthuasist or a gym fanatic, we have a well-fitting sports bra for you that provides the maximum support for whatever activity you enjoy engaging in. Visit your nearest Barclay & Clegg store to see our full range of structured Sports Bras.