Sports Bras

A well-fitting and supportive sports bar is important when working out.


This level comprises products which are ideal for gentle sports activities such as yoga, pilates or archery as well as smooth, regular movement sequences such as power walking, golf or skating.


Larger bust sizes or higher impact sports activities require much greater support. This level offers the ideal products for dancers, gymnasts or martial arts practitioners.


For women who prefer and enjoy extreme support. This level offers essentials for women who don’t want a large bust and discomfort to come in the way of their sports activities e.g. jogging or riding, tennis or snowboarding.

Barclay & Clegg Online StoreA well-fitting sports bra is as important as comfortable shoes and functional active wear when working out.

Exercising sets the breasts in motion, however our breasts are not naturally designed to resist these extreme movements. To avoid back, shoulder and neck pain and overstretching the sensitive connective tissue, always wear a good structured and supportive sports bra when exercising. During high impact sports such as running our breasts are exposed to extreme strains: the bust moves up and down about nine centimeters per step! These undesired bust movements can be reduced by wearing a well fitting sports bra. (Source:

The maximum support Anita Air Control Sports Bra style 5544 and Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra style 5527 are available in store & online at Barclay & Clegg. Available in sizes 30 to 38 and A to H cups.