During winter, it is extremely tempting to stay bundled up in cozy blankets, lounging around in your pajamas all day. And on top of that the layered look tends to be everyone’s “go to” in order to fight off the cold. Ultimately leaving you feeling lost under all those winter clothes. So why not heat things up on the inside, giving yourself a secret source of confidence. To provide you with some inspiration we have decided to share this season’s top lingerie trends, for those days and nights when you need a little extra heat.


1. Camisole Tops


Underwear as outerwear! Camisole tops are originally supposed to be an undergarment, but they’re now making a name for themselves as outerwear! Follow this lingerie trend and wear your favorite camisole top with an over-sized sweater for a feminine winter look.


 2. Lush Velvets


Soft, luxurious and oh so cozy – this is the reason why velvet lingerie is fast becoming one of the most sought-after items this season.  Well those days are over; get ready to feel like royalty in a luxe lingerie set this winter. Velvet will leave you feeling plush and playful!


3. Blush lingerie


The color of romance – and just like a great love affair it is sure to bring a little warmth into your wardrobe.  Feel pretty in pink in a blush intimate set, which will allow you to embrace your feminine side this winter.


4. Slip dresses


Why don’t you slip into something a bit more comfortable?

Initially worn as undergarments, slip dresses are now becoming a major lingerie trend that will replace sleep shirts and nightgowns. If you’ve been thinking about going back to “wearing your pajamas all day”, well now you can!


5. Floral Appliques


They say happiness blooms from within…well this trend surely proves that. Get ready to see bras, bralettes and even bodysuits that are covered in beautiful floral appliques, allowing your femininity to flourish this season.


6. Body Suits


Due to their fit, which gives the appearance of an hourglass figure, the bodysuit is hot and happening this year. The perfect staple piece for the girl who is on-the-go. The bodysuit is extremely versatile and can be paired easily with just about anything hanging in your closet, making it a must have this winter!


Lingerie is about so much more than just how you look; it is about how you feel. Following any of the above trends will have you feeling confident and sexy even under the puffiest of coats.