Customer Experiences

Lingerie & Swimwear specialists for over 25 years.

“Barclay & Clegg in Albert Street, Waterkloof. Susan and Chrispa will be at your assistance… Private, professional and knowledgeable.”

– Lana

“Afternoon Maureen,

Thank you so very much – I am amazed and so impressed at your superb service, and the huge effort you made for one little customer living on a farm in the sticks.

I collected the parcel in Lydenburg this morning and could hardly wait to get home and have a look at what I’d only seen pictures of on the website.  I am very happy with all three, and I’ve tried them on – they all fit very comfortably.  I think that the 32FF is a much better fit than the 30GG, but I will have to wear them for a day to be sure.  With the previous bras from Liza Clifford, I still get painful red welts around my chest after a day wearing all the 30GG.  So, I am very happy with Louise’s fitting / measuring and very glad that I went into your Brooklyn shop before you ordered the bras.

I will phone Louise this afternoon.

I would definitely like to get some more Janira panties later in the year.  We are more often in Fourways than Pretoria and I think you have a shop there as well, but it will depend on where we will be.

Was Paris / Seine river flooding when you were there? – wouldn’t Cape Town love some of that rain?

Once again thank you very very much, I am so pleased and happy with the bras and panties.

Wishing you all the very best.




“My teenage daughter hates shopping for a bra. She has a very small frame and large bust and not very confident as she gets teased a lot. I went to your shop in Brooklyn after her physio recommended the store, and I am extremely impressed. I was assisted by Louise and Ellen, and they took their time to help find a perfect bra for my daughter. I saw tears of joy from my daughter as she found a bra that minimised her J cup size and which also gave her the right support. They also have a lady that assisted us with tailoring – how amazing is that! I’m super impressed and they have restored my daughter’s confidence. Thank you Ladies.”