This is for all the Men who want to buy something special, but don’t know where to start. Guys, are you looking to give your partner a distinct ‘thank you’? Then, you should consider buying lingerie. Why, you ask? Well simply put, which woman doesn’t love a well-fitted high-quality garment that will make her feel as amazing as she looks. Some of you hearing “lingerie” might have a few thoughts that come to the forefront. Don’t fret, because we’re here to address your concerns and get you the much-needed info that will have your lady know that your purchase was not only thoughtful, but also cognizant of her style and taste.

Choosing the right lingerie and the correct size is very important when showing how much you care about her. Nothing is worse than giving her lingerie that does not fit appropriately and/or is a size too big or too small. Your gift will quickly turn into an argument, and your kind gesture will be all for nothing. That is why you should firstly figure out the size of your partner, when it comes to both tops and bottoms. A lot of men do not do their homework and the gift can send the wrong message. We cannot stress the imperative notion that estimating is a no-no.

Secondly, style is an obligatory due diligence. Make sure you understand what she likes, whether its frills and florals, or comfortable and understated, it is of critical importance during the selection process. This is all down to personal preference from your partner, and can only be ascertained through knowing what she does and does not like.

So as one can see, it becomes a rather hard task for a male to approach both size and style without feeling overwhelmed.  This is why we would alternatively recommend you find a gift voucher that you can give to her instead. Gift vouchers put the control in your partner’s hands. She has been given the power, and we guarantee you she will find the time! The change rooms await her eagerly. Moreover, she can get fitted when she goes in as opposed to you having to guess sizes. A massive anomaly seen in the lingerie industry is that most women actually don’t know their real size. That’s where a specialist company such as Barclay and Clegg come in to assist with debunking why all her previous underwear wasn’t cutting it snug enough! The beauty in a Gift Voucher is that there is no room for error – dreams can come true. To make it easier for you, you can now buy a gift voucher online at the Barclay and Clegg online shop – She can use this voucher at any Barclay and Clegg store.

To add something extra to the entire experience also consider gift wrapping. It may not be Christmas, but every lady loves to tear away the tape in excitement. Watch her eyes marvel as she uncovers a pair of panties that are not only gorgeous, but also perfectly fitted.

To conclude, if you have the time and are confident in your ability to do the right research with your partners preferences, then you should dive right in and make the purchase with your own discernment. However, a simpler, and more sure-fire guarantee to happiness may be the Gift Voucher route. This also guarantee’s her a proper fit and gives her the control to make her own decisions, which may save you making a return purchase.