Activewear has etched out a niche for itself in the apparel industry, and has now become an integral part of every fashionistas wardrobe. According to recent studies; clothing influences our behavior and attitude because it carries a symbolic meaning. In other words, what you wear is subconsciously changing how you act.

From this, one could then realise that when you put on new workout gear, you begin to feel more confident in your abilities, which often leads to an improved motivation, focus, and ultimately better performance.

Are you striving for that balanced lifestyle but just can’t seem to obtain the motivation and encouragement that you need? Then why not get some extra incentive for your next workout with a new athleisure ensemble!

In order to help ensure that you remain on-trend while getting motivated, we have broken down some of this year’s latest activewear trends below.


Bra/Crop Tops

The crop top bra is a growing trend reminiscent of the 90s that’s continuing to gain major popularity. If you want to show off some of your progress or you want to brandish those hard toned abs, then crop tops are for you. Crop tops come in a variety of silhouettes and styles, and provide you with a flattering way to show off some skin. Easily pair your crop top with a pair of tights or shorts for a stylishly sensual workout look.


The Matching Set

The matching set provides women with an easy way to look more collected. Being too ‘matchy matchy’ has previously been viewed as juvenile, but it’s now a mainstream look for fashion forward women who want an effortless way to feel put together. From bold prints and defined lines to subdued tones and monochrome, sets come in a variety of trendy combinations and styles. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find a pair to suit your personality and activity needs.


Punchy Prints

From bold florals in beautiful hues to cool geometric arrangements, prints are a great way to express your personality, plus they add a great sense of workout motivation. Prints and patterns not only give an outfit a shot of personality, but they also have the ability to complement your unique body shape and provide proportion. Define your legs and glutes with a pair of punchy printed leggings, or flaunt your curves in a matching print ensemble.


Sheer Fabrics

This trend provides a perfect way to show some skin and add a bit of fun and flirty detail to your workout look. Sheer panels in your workout gear are an excellent example of when form meets function. Not only will sheer panels provide some breathability to your outfit, but they look super chic outside of the gym too. Give life to your classic all black look with a pair of black sheer paneled leggings, or be a bit more daring and show off those abs with a sheer top over a statement sports bra.


High-rise Leggings

A high waistband looks effortlessly chic whether it’s on a pair of jeans or a pair of yoga pants. The best part about a high waistband is that it’s functional. This trend allows you to get moving without feeling over-exposed, so that you can concentrate fully on your workout. Gone are the days of continuously tugging and pulling down your shirt during physical activity in fear of letting it all hang out. Another plus to high-rise leggings is that they tend to draw everything in and hug your curves in all the right places, allowing you to accentuate your curves and elongate your legs for an all over elevated look.



Fitness bodysuits are surprisingly flattering, they trim your body and are comfortable and durable enough to withstand any physical activity. When you’re contorting your body into dozens of different positions during yoga class, the last thing you need is to worry about whether your underwear’s peeking out the top of your leggings. So whether you choose to participate in aerobics, Pilates or dance class, this outfit is a great way to feel stylish and comfortable while enhancing your performance.


Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets are a great way to cover up and stay warm while still showing off your well thought out workout look. Pair your cropped jacket with a bra top and a pair of high-rise leggings, or wear it over your favorite bodysuit for a chic layered up look.



The jogger pant is a comfortable, stylish and a wonderful alternative to regular yoga pants. Jogger pants used to be much more focused on comfort rather than fashion, but new age silhouettes are cut to hug you in all the right places, avoiding any hints of a sloppy look. These extremely versatile pants can be paired with just about anything, from sports bras and cut off tees to a hoodie or sweat shirt.


Recovery Technology

For those that are serious about their workouts, they know how important recovery is in order to achieve a balanced workout, thus the importance of incorporating recovery technology activewear into your wardrobe. From compression that helps your blood flow, to fabrics that offer additional support for your muscles, investing in pieces that can help you perform better and hinder injury is worth the cost.


Refresh your activewear drawer for a simple and easy confidence boost!